Tips for how to use the VERLUXX massage gun

1. Start low, start slow. Massage guns are powerful devices so it’s best to take caution. It could be painful if you start out on high without assessing your tolerance level yet. Remember: higher pressure does not necessarily mean a better massage. The key to enjoying the benefits of percussive therapy is to apply the right amount of pressure at the right place.

2. Let it “float.” Regardless of your preferred pressure, it’s advisable to let the massage gun float on your muscle area. You don’t have to force the massage head on the body. Just glide it over your sore muscle and move it slowly.

3. Yes, move it. Make sure you’re not pressing too hard or staying in one spot for too long. You can easily create more harm than good. Keep the gun moving for the best results.
While moving it, make a conscious effort to steer clear of the bone. Start on the larger muscle groups until you get used to the device.

4. Relax. It’s a therapy. Being too tense will make your muscles reject the device and hamper the effectiveness of the treatment. Just take deep breaths and feel your muscle pain go away.